eZ Flow

eZ Flow enables editors to build complex page layouts and to pre-configure the publication schedule to ensure a constant flow of rich content to portal pages. Designed for news and media organizations, the eZ Flow interface replaces the standard eZ Publish editing interface for "Frontpage" content objects.

With the eZ Flow interface, editors define multiple "zones" within a single front page. Within each zone, editors create "blocks" that contain particular content categories. Content objects are added to these blocks. Editors can configure when content objects will be published, either by specifying a publication time for each object in the block or by configuring automatic rotation at specified intervals.

eZ Flow also supports video streaming, and has tools for creating and streaming live and archived video content (with support for post- production editing). In addition, eZ Flow uses the eZ Publish template system, which enables content to be presented for multiple channels, such as mobile devices.

The eZ Flow configuration system enables the creation and specification of the page layouts and templates available to editors working with eZ Flow front pages. Additionally, it enables the specification of the number of content objects published within a block at any given time -- other content objects are held in a queue. "Special" blocks can be created to support entities such as tag clouds and banner ads.