eZ Find

While eZ Publish ships with a built in search function there are times where greater advantages are needed like relevancy ranking and keyword highlighting in the search results are needed.

The eZ Find engine is built on Apache's Solr / Lucene search library and makes it possible to search multiple standard sites and eZ Publish installations simultaneously.  Sophisticated relevancy ranking of results, drill-down navigation, a wealth of multilingual features, and search phrase spell checking are just some of eZ Find’s capabilities.

DB Informatics are skilled in eZ Find intergration and can customise it to provide features like preemptive suggestions as the user types.

Tuneable relevancy ranking
Higher weights can be given to certain types of content, parts of content (like titles of tags), or specific pages so that the most important material always appears first
Sorting, filtering, and drill-down navigation
With advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, eZ Find enables visitors to finetune results in a variety of ways. You can configure drill-down navigation (also known as faceting searching) attributes in order for users to narrow results, such as by publication year or for specific authors.
Search hints for users
Offer “more like this” links to content or initial search results in an automated way. Make use of a spell checker and provide “best guesses” to improve or correct search phrases.
Building on eZ Publish’s renowned multi-language support, eZ Find can return results in multiple languages. You can give different weights to different languages based on the search context, and make use of different language algorithms.
Engineered for performance
Search sites of all sizes with indexing support for up to 100 million objects on one server, as well as clustering support. Combine indexes from external content and multiple eZ Publish installations for a comprehensive search. A smart caching system means that eZ Find becomes faster and better the more it is used.



heuristics to analyze the structure of the information and thus determine relevancy. For example, if a keyword is found in a content object’s title or in any of its short attributes, the object will have higher relevance in the search results (as opposed to the search term only occurring within a text block in the content object).

Whether you have an e-commerce site, an article-rich magazine archive, a busy news site, or a directory of contacts, a site-based search engine is of utmost importance. Site visitors need to quickly and easily locate information by receiving relevant search results. With the right search engine, your site’s valuable content can be assured of reaching the right people in the right contexts.

eZ Find is a plugin that adds fully-featured search capabilities to the world-class, enterprise-grade Content Management System (CMS) eZ Publish.

Based on the Apache Solr / Lucene search library, eZ Find makes it possible to