Why eZ Publish

eZ publish based websites offer tremendous flexibility allowing content to added, removed or changed by staff. Once skilled in the use of eZ publish, staff are able to create and maintain extranets and web pages autonomously.

  • sophisticated caching
  • smooth and flexible administration either a from the public view via simple toolbar or from a dedicated extensible adminsitration interface
  • commercial support
  • implement custom complex workflows
  • strong web content delivery controls
  • abstract content object which allows all content objects including users to be extended, made into containers, modeled, related, templated and restricted etc
  • Strong workflow support for anything from Blog moderation to staff content pre-approvals
  • Advanced Roles and Permissions management that allow very fine-grained access to every content object & function in the system
  • Site-accesses concept allows multiple presences, designs and 'sites' to run from a single installation
  • Content Management Framework
  • rating, commenting, forums, user system), e-commerce, multi-channel publishing (REST API)
  • clear separation of Code (PHP, Template code, HTML/JS), Design (CSS/Images) and Content
  • Full OOP approach
  • Enterprise ready solution