Packaged Solutions

Packaged solutions can 

+ Be rapidly deployed

+ Save cost of development

+ Still be customised for you

+ Be enhanced in the future

+ Get features added over time

We have developed a wide array of solutions that can be rapidly deployed and customised to meet many requirements.

  • Data Collection and Analysis
    collect, validate, benchmark, report
  • Nursing Home promotion
    website, business cards, letterheads
  • Extranets
    allow access to remote staff, clients, customers
  • Online Sales
    items, sales, gateways, encryption
  • Newsletters
    Bulk email, subscription handling
  • Membership handling
    Private, Community, public
  • Finance management
     Invoice creation, tracking, consoliation, BAS
  • Council websites
  • Restaurant Booking

We have even created a Development Rewards Program that enables our clients to directly profit from any enhancements or developments they have us perform for them.