Web Development

Knowing what path to take


The best web developer is the one who is skilled at harnessing the client's own expertise and is able to both guide and respond to the client's input.

It seems obvious that the client is the one who understands the client's needs the best, but it's often neglected because developers are either poor communicators or see a client's continual involvement as a hindrance.  We believe success is best forged when both the client and the developer are able to contribute and combine their expertise.

DB Informatics know how to build tools and create solutions. With a wide range of solutions and a fast and flexible development platform we can adapt and tailor a solution with out the significant costs and without the cookie cutter.

We're happy to support clients throughout the whole development process, if needed we can:

  • participate in the conceptual phase
  • advise on the pros and cons of technical options
  • involve clients throughout the development
  • provide early beta testing and feedback opportunity
  • take responsibility for migration, hosting, DNS domain and all other related tasks
  • provide set-fee annual support, both hosting and staff user support

Drop us a line and chat about how we can help improve your online presence or if you already have a project in mind request a quote and we'll respond quickly.