Web Design

Good web design is quiet

Web design is a balanced mix of art, engineering and communication skills.  The planning involves consideration of diverse topics including the client's goals, nature of the service and message, content types, audience demographics, client devices, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and social engagement all while retaining future flexibility and scalability.


The best websites are usually deceptively simple. They are easy to navigate, do and find exactly what we need, they don't overwhelm us with endless content nor leave us with lots of unanswered questions. Subsequently they don't get in the way of the reason we visited the site. The design did its job correctly making the experience a pleasure by allowing us to focus on the message and services of the site and not thinking about how to use the site.  Conversely, often the poorly designed site makes us work hard to find information and forces us to learn "clever" navigation, the user's attention is on the design or the "experience" and not the service and information of the site.  You also may find our FAQ helpful.

DB Informatics are experienced at doing just this, knowing what technologies to use and leave, when and where across a design to provide a seamless user experience.  Speak with us about your upcoming project and see how we can help make your ideas succeed.