Maintained Hosting

Your website have a problem? Make it ours.

Our popular maintenance and support contracts take the worry out of running and maintaining your own site.  We manage and monitor your site to ensure an optimum hosting experience.


For complete control and security we own, monitor and maintain our own servers.  Unlike many competitors, we own all of our own servers and do not outsource hosting. This means we can ensure all of our clients receive 1st priority hosting irrelevant of their organisational size.  While many hosts claim expertise in any number of applications, for over a decade DB Informatics has specialised in hosting, patching and supporting eZ Publish.  We have no desire to be the cheapest but are determined to provide reliable and responsive support and advice to our clients.


Security is an ever increasing issue as more and more companies are using their website for things like commerce, company extranets, sensitive information collection, etc.  While eZ Publish has an impeccable security record it isn't enough to rely on just the application's internal security.  Server operating systems must be monitored, patched and maintained and logs scrutinised.

100% Australian

All of our servers are located in Australia, this ensures optimum speed and reliability for Australian businesses and visitors alike. The physical server location plays a bigger factor than many realise and not only with speed and response times. Australian hosting does typically cost more than overseas competitors and while it might be tempting to pay less and get "more" or have your site in the "cloud" this generally mean your data is being held on international servers and simply put if your data is hosted outside of Australian jurisdiction it can no longer be protected by Australian law.


All of our clients benefit from our extensive protection backup systems.  Our client files are not just copied but also versioned and stored in multiple locations.  Each client database is backed up nightly with daily copies held for several months.

So if you've had enough of having to be a "techie' on top of running your business then talk with us and we'll find the perfect balance of cost and reliability to suit your needs.