Innovating on-line since 2001

DB Informatics was established to fulfill a conspicuous gap in the internet industry. Web site development has been focused around either the provision of static brochure type-sites that are largely dominated by the amateur or 'sideline business' developers or, at the other end of the scale, highly functional corporate sites which are impressive in design and utility, but out of the reach of most businesses.

DB Informatics has brought together people from the service, business, design, consulting and IT industries to create a skill mix that results in sites performing the way you want them to and in accordance with our mission: To produce friendly, easy to use, highly functional and affordable websites for small to medium organisations.

Because we have brought together people who understand business, with backgrounds from hospitality; health, aged care and community care; performing arts; information technology - hardware, software and networking; sales; and management consulting we are able to understand the kinds of issues you face in business and the performance requirements you have from a website. We have taken this knowledge and applied it the development of the kinds of websites that can meet your needs.

We also have an understanding of different industry environments and the various pressures they bring to bear. Our experience includes working at senior levels in the government sector and in private industry as well being self-employed and therefore we appreciate and accommodate the differences of these environments.

People with design and programming skills of the highest order have been engaged to ensure that your site not only looks good but will also perform beyond your expectations.