Voting Below the Line

Australian nominations are due to be announced tomorrow (Friday 16th August). Soon after on the 7th of September the 2013 Australian federal election will occur and Australia's 44th Parliament will be decided. The more news I see from around the globe I'm reminded how privileged we are to be able to enjoy our democracy, its not perfect and frightfully I see it eroding rapidly in the U.S. with the Snowden revelations and the NSA's seemingly unchecked powers.

This all just underlines the importance to preserve while we have for as long as we can which brings me to the reason for this post, voting below the line.

When you vote above the line you are allowing parties to transfer your vote which frequently goes to parties you would not necessarily agree with or wish to support. Voting below the line is quite onerous and easy to invalidate your vote if you make a mistake, so understandably the vast majority of people vote "above the line". This however enables this and facilitates or even necessitates unsavory inter-party dealings.

To our rescue comes a great online tool which has been available for a number of years.  It makes the exercise of specifying your own vote preferences straight forward, just tell it your location and it will show you the ballot for both the House of Representatives and Senate.  Then you can simply shuffle your preferences until happy, make a print out and walk into a polling booth fully decided and prepared. Now there is no excuse for voting above the line, don't let your vote be 'deal' between parties VOTE BELOW THE LINE!

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