Understanding eZ Publish 5 concepts

A good article was published by Łukasz Serwatka on the topic of eZ Publish 4 to eZ Publish 5 migration. It was a light high lever overview of the of the differences touching on migration planning and


setting up a base for upcoming posts on the same topic. I've been meaning to write something similar but from an administrator/editor perspective with less technical focus so when I saw this post I thought I'd build on it with a slight tangent.

Here at DB Informatics we are preparing for eZ Publish 5 and doing some personal projects on it although we are not yet migrating our clients, this is because we feel its still a little premature for clients who have a lot of customised code under the hood which most of our clients do.  eZ Publish 5 will present a significant cost investment for existing complex sites but it does come with rewards among which is the fantastic underlying platform Symfony2.

In particular the table presenting definitions and name convention changes is helpful to avoid confusion.  I agree its also far more intiutive for clients rather then been forced to first learn eZ lingo to comprehend the concepts.

eZ Publish 4.x eZ Publish 5.x
(Content) class Content type
(Content) class group Content type group
(Content) class attribute Field definition
(Content) object Content (meta information is “content info”)
(Content object) version Version info
(Content object) attribute Field
(Content object) attribute content Field value
Datatype Field type
Node Location

This is an excellent move because it uses conveys meaning to non-technical people and I believe will make it easier to capture their imagination on how eZ Publish can mould to their organisation and not the other way around, and clever adaption is what eZ Publish is all about.

There are many more technical advancements to be appreciated like the superior REST API which will make eZ Publish more mobile application capable.

So while we are holding off for a more mature eZ Publish 5 before leaping our clients on board we are preparing and excited about the excellent achievements been delivered by the eZ team.

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