Too dam hot

I haven't give an update on my aquaponics system for awhile, currently Adelaide is hot, 40°C at the Adelaide airport and a few degrees cooler in the hills where I am.  Unfortunately I've been too slow

Arduino sensors

eating my way through the rainbow trout and I still have quote a few left.  They range from 30 to 40cm so grew very well in the system, that part has been a great success, next year I'll probably repeat the exercise and buy more trout fingerings but buy less of them this time.

The image on the right is a few sensors I run on an Ardunio board to monitor things, as you can see the temperature in the shade (under my grow-bed) is 36.7°, my fish tank water is currently 26.4° and still climbing. Because I run 100% of my water down six NFT channels the water gets heated by the time it comes out the end, as you can the NFT exit temperature is 26.8° so the water is been heated 0.4° with each circulation, it was closer to 0.7° but I've stolen all my wifes umbrellas and covered the NFT section.

Generally I wouldn't care about the water level rising except that Rainbow Trout are only expected to survive water temperatures up to 25 or 26 degrees. I walk out there expecting to see some floating fish but so far their proven themselves tough, if they survive one more day then we have a cool stretch on its way.  Till then I've used every trick I can think of, the pump only runs for 45mins on then 30mins off during the day to reduce heating then full on during the night to maximise what cooling I can provide.

Next year I should be more prepared and have some mature Silver Perch or Redfinn if I can catch some.

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