Humble Bundles

I've made no secret of my thoughts towards the current structure of copyright and its backward use of DRM.  Not all is doom and gloom however, there are some movements and organisations demonstrating that commercial success does not go hand-in-hand with mistrust and obtrusive control.  Humble Bundle Inc is one such body, its become tremendously successful, everything they sell is DRM-free, they try and support every platform including

Humble eBooks 2

Linux and Android and they let you pay what you want.

They mainly focus on games but have also started releasing digital books, their second eBook Bundle includes;

  • The Last Unicorn Deluxe Edition
  • Just a Geek
  • Little Brother
  • Boneshaker
  • Spin
  • Shards of Honor

Not only can you download each book in either PDF, MOBI or EPUB but they can also load the ebooks into your Google Play Books library and/or send them directly to your Kindle / Kindle Reader.  Failing that there is also instructions on how to load them onto Android, Nook and IOS.

Projects like these are well worth supporting. In their software bundles I love how they show the price paid split according to users operating systems.  It's interesting to note that Linux is always the highest payers followed by Mac and then Windows. Perhaps like me users of Linux always endeavor to pay more than Windows users to not only reflect their appreciation for supporting an open source platform but also to provide greater incentives to authors and publishers to develop and support these platforms.

It's also noteworthy that not only are you allowed to pay what you want, but you can split the payment however you wish to the authors/developers, charity and Humble.

Head over to Humble Bundle and even if this Bundle isn't to your taste stick your email address in the very top and click subscribe so you'll know about the next ones.

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