Going Full Stack

If you've been researching for the best open source php cms framework you will of no doubt of encourntered many mentions of Symfony and for good reason. Using Symfony makes good sense but there is various approaches to doing this.  I recommend reading Florent Huck's succinct post which illustratres the strengths of going full stack over partial Symfony intergration which is the approach of other CMS' like Drupal 8. The post also references Roland Benedetti's article "Why we ditched our legacy framework for Symfony" which expands on the decision further.

Symfony eZ 5

For organisations looking to switch or develop eZ Platform offers an extremely compelling choice and for long existing users of eZ Publish the future it extremely bright. Yes there is some transitional birth pain, but eZ have have structured this is an very intelligent way making it possible and safe to stagger your conversion therfore spreading costs over time. Here at DB Informatics we are hosting and developing full eZ Platform 5 projects, full eZ Publish 4 websites running in legacy mode and hybrid solutions which slowly transistion to eZ 5 bit by bit.

Looking for an Australian partner who can develop, host and maintain your solution, look no further.

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