eZ Publish 5 - story 4: modify frontpage
In the fourth installment of the eZ Publish 5 upcoming UI stories the illustration is about demonstrating the ease of front page layout management.  Blocks can be easily added and  dragged to various zones and it also shows the smooth integration of ezflow with time line publishing support.  All this is done from the public side by switching seamlessly between view and edit mode.  Take a look and see what you think, as long... Read More

DATED : 29 May, 2013 13:54

Hoot'n in Hills
Hey Daddy-o, its that crazy time of year when you need to get out of your crib, take five and hear some fine wail'n at the annual Hoot Adelaide Hills Jazz Festival.  The Adelaide Hills scene is always out of... Read More

DATED : 28 May, 2013 11:50

eZ Publish 5 - story 3: landing page with form wall
The next "stor-torial / tu-story-ial" (I won't hold my breath on Oxford including my new words just yet) explaining the user experience (UX) in the upcoming eZ Publish 5 administration user interface (UI) focuses on swift landing page creation.  It shows features that were previously only possible using add-ons will now be built in by default like dynamic form building for example.  Again I particularly like the intuitive u... Read More

DATED : 01 May, 2013 11:56

DRM in HTML5 - no thanks!
For a long time now I've had a concern over the film industry's growing influence on Governments and society in general.  They appear to have unlimited funds and unsettling levels of access and influence to our Governments.  Now even more concernedly they are trying to influence WC3 (a consortium who establish web standards) to include digital rights management (DRM) in HTML5.  Imagine for a moment what the impact on society wou... Read More

DATED : 30 April, 2013 11:47

Oncorhynchus mykiss
Yesterday I took a drive up to the Tooperang Rainbow Trout Farm and purchased 70 Rainbow trout fingerling. Much to my children's amusement their Latin name is oncorhynchus mykiss. They had to spend their first night in a 350L holding tank until I managed to catch the silver perch... Read More

DATED : 26 April, 2013 14:41

eZ Publish 5 - story 2: search & create
This story demonstrates how the upcoming interface provides a much smoother search performance by eliminating page reloads, allowing combined filtering rules and not just create a sub-item to a search result but even populate it all without a page refresh. So far I've found these stories very impressive and reinforce why eZ Publish continues to be at the CMF forefront. To me the decision to use Symfony as a base is paying off with very feature... Read More

DATED : 12 April, 2013 15:19

Today my wife heard a rustle in the hedgerow (figuratively speaking) and upon investigation discovered a koala up a gumtree in our back yard. Sadly Bill, as I named him had his foot stuck in an animal trap of some sort. The RSPCA was called and a volunteer came around to inspect things. Neither of us was willing to climb the gumtree and tackle the sharp clawed drop-bear so it was decided to wait until Bill descended around dusk (we hoped) and... Read More

DATED : 11 April, 2013 14:43

The multifaceted siteaccess
I thought I'd write about one of eZ Publish's core features, siteaccess. Like all my blog posts I intend to write for non-techies (aka. normal people) for the purpose of showing how eZ Publish can work for you, so this is not a “how to” tutorial, if you are looking for one of those I'd recommend the this 2010 siteaccess how to which is still relevant.... Read More

DATED : 05 April, 2013 13:54

Math equations in HTML
Recently one of our wonderful clients The Australian Association Of Mathematics Teachers Inc. (AAMT) needed a new eZ Publish sub-site added to their existing website. eZ Publish has a powerfully flexible system for this called site-access which I'll share on separately. As this new sub-site is to be an educational resource for teachers of mathematics accurate and consistent display of mathematical equations is very important. Initially I was u... Read More

DATED : 22 March, 2013 11:52

Learning the hard way
Sadly I lost around 5 fish through a not so funny comedy of errors. After adding the silver perch fingerling to my tank I later realised the tanks outlet mesh screen was too large and allowed the fish to swim in and out of the pipes freely. I only discovered this by finding a "anchovy" on the gravel of my grow bed, I was amazed it made it through all the pipes. The kids and I flushed the pipes into a bucket and got around 20 out in t... Read More

DATED : 18 March, 2013 17:35