Going Full Stack
If you've been researching for the best open source php cms framework you will of no doubt of encourntered many mentions of Symfony and for good reason. Using Symfony makes good sense but there is various approaches to doing this.  I recommend reading Florent Huck's succinct post which illustratres the strengths of going full stack over partial Symfony intergration which is the approach of other CMS' like Drupal 8. The post also refe... Read More

DATED : 16 April, 2015 12:41

What motivation often looks like
I haven't posted for quite awhile. I've been extremely consumed with a long list of tasks both professionally and personally. I've made some great progress in both arenas, DB Informatics now has new server infrastructure with a host of new benefits and abilities for clients of all shapes and size, more on this later.... Read More

DATED : 16 February, 2015 13:43

eZ Publish are cooking up something fresh
Damien Pobel is French based member of the eZ developers team, for the 12 months his been tucked away in the eZ kitchens working hard on administration user interface and the previews are mouth watering. Once ma... Read More

DATED : 18 July, 2014 17:05

Understanding eZ Publish 5 concepts
A good article was published by Łukasz Serwatka on the topic of eZ Publish 4 to eZ Publish 5 migration. It was a light high lever overview of the of the differences touching on migration planning and setting up... Read More

DATED : 19 December, 2013 17:08

Too dam hot
I haven't give an update on my aquaponics system for awhile, currently Adelaide is hot, 40°C at the Adelaide airport and a few degrees cooler in the hills where I am.  Unfortunately I've been too slow eatin... Read More

DATED : 19 December, 2013 15:34

Well finally, the truth about beards
Finally I get to see my tax money spent well. Two Australian Academics from the University of NSW have published results of their study on beards. They found that 1men's attractiveness, parenting skills, health and masculinity all increase when a bloke has a beard. 1. "women's perceptions" conveniently omittedSure I might be biased, this photo of me was taken many years ago and my awesomeness has lengthened since themWhile the articl... Read More

DATED : 12 November, 2013 17:52

Voting Below the Line
Australian nominations are due to be announced tomorrow (Friday 16th August). Soon after on the 7th of September the 2013 Australian federal election will occur and Australia's 44th Parliament will be decided. The more news I see from around the globe I'm reminded how privileged we are to be able to enjoy our democracy, its not perfect and frightfully I see it eroding rapidly in the U.S. with the Snowden revelations and the NSA's seemingly unc... Read More

DATED : 15 August, 2013 11:19

Humble Bundles
I've made no secret of my thoughts towards the current structure of copyright and its backward use of DRM.  Not all is doom and gloom however, there are some movements and organisations demonstrating that commercial success does not go hand-in-hand with mistrust and obtrusive control.  Humble Bundle Inc is one such body, its become tremendously successful, everything they sell is DRM-free, they try and support every platform inc... Read More

DATED : 04 July, 2013 12:51

eZ Publish 5 - story 1.1: sub items
In this fifth edition of our eZ Publish 5 upcoming interface "tu-story-ial" the focus turns to sub-item viewing and manipulation.  It's worth pointing out that much of the functionality illustrated here is already a part of the admin2 interface design running on eZ Publish 4.I think people will find the ability to Bulk Edit appealing, this too can be achieved currently but not in a default installation, it would have to built as... Read More

DATED : 01 July, 2013 13:54

eZ Publish release
Today the 2013.06 installment of the eZ Publish Community version was released, eZ Systems have done a great job of putting out regular releases.  As usual this release has a lot of fixes and enhancements for both eZ Publish 5 and the LS (Legacy Stack) which is eZ Publish 4 wrapped for backward compatibility.  Most encouraging is that we are seeing regular inclusions from the community now via git pull requests, this was a major step... Read More

DATED : 18 June, 2013 13:08